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Create the mirror effect using Photoshop


In this tutorial i will be teaching you how to add the mirror finish to any typography/title, better known as Web 2.0 font. To design this image, I used Adobe Photoshop CS4. You can use any of the CS versions. It does not require any hi-fi editing or options. This type of image editing is used in almost every website in the Web 2.0 epoch. It looks glossy and gives a exquisite finish to the title of any website.

1. Firstly, create a new file with size 800 x 500 (or anything that you desire) and fill it with black(#000000).


2. Using the text tool, write any text you want as shown below. I have used a font called Droid Serif which can be downloaded for free at Font Squirrel.


3. Double click on the text layer in the layer palette and select Gradient Overlay and apply the colours of your choice. (i have used Red-Blue-Green-Yellow) and set the angle to 0 as shown.

3It will appear to look something similar to this. You can add the colors of your choice. Its left to your imagination.


4. Now, duplicate the text layer by right clicking on the layer in the palette and selecting or pressing Ctrl + J. Rasterize the duplicate layer and then apply guassian blur (Filter>Guassian Blur). Set to 3 pixels. After this, select the duplicate layer and change the blend mode to SCREEN (this gives the glowing effect).


5. Now, duplicate the original text layer again and press Ctrl + T and notice how the free transform options appear on the top.


6. Change the horizontal orientation (H) to -100% as shown.

7. Align the inverted text appropriately as u desire.


8. Click on Rectangular Marquee Tool and set the feather to 20 px or 50 px (depending upon the depth of reflection) and select the bottom half of the inverted text and press DELETE (do so twice, if you want to reduce the mirror effect)


Once deleted, the final image should look something like this:


9. Presto! Its over. Now, you can play with the image by trying some filter options, like Lens flare and Noise, and maybe add a caption and apply guassian blur just like the previous steps to give a depth of field effect. A better effect can be obtained if the background color is something lighter.


This is just an introductory tutorial to kickoff your designing hobby. Lots more to come. Keep in touch.

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