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Inspiration #1 : What does it take to become a dedicated artist?


I was looking for some inspiration when I stumbled upon this interview at PSDTuts. Once I read it, a sudden jolt of electricity went down my spine and was numb for a moment. Honestly, this article was the best I read so far. There are some things that infatuate you the first time you look at it and triggers that adrenaline to think and imagine to produce extraordinary things. This is undoubtedly, the leader of ’em all.

Here is an excerpt from his interview with PSDTuts.

Tomasz Opasinski is from Poland, works in the United States, and has a long history with numerous creative agencies. He’s currently employed as Senior Art Director at BLT & Associates, Inc. He’s mastered Photoshop, digital illustration, design, and continues to experiment whenever time allows.

Tomasz has created hundreds and hundreds of posters for the movie industry. He shares his story with us, starting from humble beginnings and charting the rise to success. He shares his creative insights on design, inspiration, creativity, and more.

Here are some of his works. If you wanna be graphic designer/artist/all-there-is-to-do-in-design-world , then this is just the thing for you. Read about his interview with PSDTuts here : INTERVIEW WITH TOMAZ OPASINSKI









Visit Tomaz’s Website for a preview of his works and his port folio : Tomaz Opasinski


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