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Inspiration #3 : Art and Courage by John Paul Thornton


John Paul Thornton is a traditional artist who despite being part of the Deviant Art community for a relatively short period of time, has made a massive impact on people’s lives. His gallery is an emotional journey, filled with portraits of missing children . Many of these hauntingly beautiful paintings have been exhibited across the United States in an effort to raise awareness and hopefully reunite families.

He has one of the most inspirational galleries I’ve ever seen on deviantArt. He takes his gift of painting and transforms it into a touching and a heart-wrenching story. Creativity when blended with emotions can emanate so much information, it becomes quite difficult to fathom unless you look deep enough.

John is an American artist and is the author of the book ‘Art and Courage’.

While teaching art to underprivileged children, he learned that one of his students was reported as “missing”.
As a way to honor the families who have endured such a loss, John Paul began a series of paintings depicting the faces of America’s missing children. Numbering in the hundreds, they have been exhibited in many public installations.

You can visit his personal website here : John Paul Thorton

His works of art are truly an inspiration for others who are always contemplating for a motivation to keep their creativity up and running.

Check out John’s DeviantArt profile here : johnpaulthornton

These are some of his magnanimous works of art which truly are the seeds of those “emotional fruits”.







Portrait of a “recovered” child.

This is my painting of Jaycee Lee Dugard.

I painted this in 1991, days after she was reported as missing.
Jaycee was abducted by strangers in 1991, and this week in 2009, eighteen years later, she was safely recovered. Her whole incredible story may be read, simply by doing a google-search of her name.
She was one of the first portraits I attempted of missing children, in a body of work that now numbers into the hundreds.

Thank you to all of my friends here who have taken the time to support this project.

And to Jaycee and her family, know that this portrait was exhibited on the National Mall, at the White House and the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC, where it was held by thousands of volunteers, as a way to help people connect with you. We never lost hope for Jaycee’s return.

—John paul

Don’t forget to check out his DA profile : johnpaulthornton

God Bless you, John

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