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Pick of the week #1: Eggstravaganza


I’ve been browsing around the web for all sorts of inspiration and tutorials and quite frankly, I am getting bored. So, I thought of coming up with a new variety of posts which never should cease to amaze us. So, I did some quality search on the web and collected all sorts of funny images and inspiration and I have put it in this article.

We have seen how inspiration can be derived from various sources and it also affects our creativity in all kinds of directions. Some artists dare to take it beyond simple manipulations and some just meddle around with mundane ideas. This article is about the works of art where clever artists turn lifeless (artistically) elements of nature into hysterical masterpieces.

Eggs : I cannot think of even one individual who is not familiar with eggs. What if one takes it a little further to make the morning breakfast a little more interesting. Hope you like it. Take a look!!


Holy Shit dude!!


Aw!… he didn’t make through the journey!


We mean business!!


She looks so cute when she is asleep.


Shit… frickin’ bungee jumping man…


hmm…. headshot.


Jesus Christ! … softer, dude … softer!


hehe!! … hehe!! … wrong stands, i think


AAAARRR!!! me a zombieeee!!


hmm…. i wonder what this is!!


I wouldn’t wanna sit on that one


mann, somebody shut this guy up!!


Hahahaha…. look at his face


OMG!!! Look at the size of that thing!!


Family Planning required..


We are the gothics..

Huh! what the hell happened here

what the!!! are u OK, sir??

hehe!! now would be the time to run

eeps.. sorry guys, dint notice the “A” sign!


Man, is he dead or wat?


Nothing to see here, GTFO!

Oh! poor guy..

Oh! the poor guy.. i probably should have warned him.

OMG.. they found out!

Damn…. i was almost there!


Racist Eggs….


Oh My God!! they killed kenny…

What a fool!!!

What a fool…. thinks he knows to play eggball!!

what u starin at ... oh shit

Is this some kinda horror movie.. it is giving me the creeps!

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