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25 Amazing miniature faking photos


In my previous article, we learnt how to fake real life images into model photography. I wanted to dig deeper into this and as it so happened, this technique has a technical name and it is known as Tilt-shift photography or Miniature faking. Blurring parts of the photo simulates the shallow depth of field normally encountered in close-up photography, making the scene seem much smaller than it actually is.

The blurring can be done either optically when the photograph is taken, or by digital postprocessing. Many faked-miniature photographs are taken from a high angle to simulate the effect of looking down on a miniature.

Some general characteristics of images

In a typical scene, objects close to the camera are at the bottom of the image, and objects far from the camera are at the top. This is less true if the image includes significant height as well as depth; a tall object near the camera can extend the entire height of the image.


Only one plane can be in precise focus. Objects not in the plane of focus are blurred; the blurring increases with distance from the plane of focus. But blurring less than a certain amount is imperceptible under normal viewing conditions; objects for which blurring is imperceptible are within the depth of field (DoF).

DoF decreases as magnification increases; in a close-up photograph of a miniature scene, the DoF is limited, and it often is impossible to have everything appear sharp even at the lens’s smallest aperture. Consequently, the foreground and background are often blurred, with the blur increasing with distance above or below the center of the image. In a photograph of a full-size scene, the DoF is considerably greater; in some cases, it is difficult to have much of the scene outside the DoF, even at the lens’s maximum aperture. Thus a difference in DoF is one characteristic by which a photograph of a full-size scene is readily distinguished from one of a miniature model.


A common technique for making an image of a full-size scene resemble an image of a miniature model is to have the image progressively blurred from the center to the top or bottom, simulating the blurring due to the limited DoF of a typical image of a miniature. The blurring can be accomplished either optically or with digital postprocessing.

Optical blurring can be accomplished using the tilt/shift lens in the camera, this is basically manipulating the features in a camera. You can read more about tilt shift photography here

In Digital Postprocessing, we use an image editor to blur the top and bottom of the photograph, so that only the subject is sharp. With basic techniques, e.g., a tool such as Adobe Photoshop’s Lens Blur filter, using sharpness gradients extending from the middle of the image to the top and bottom, the effect is quite similar to that obtained using lens tilt. We have learnt from the previous article how to perform this technique.

Thats enough of information for now 😀 … I have collected the best fake photography images and put ’em here. Enjoy!! and if you have done any, please post them here. Thank you.























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    Fantastic story, did not thought reading this would be so cool when I saw the title!

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