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Exceptional 3D artist from Azerbaijan – Turalom Seferovym

Who says you got to be in the Hollywood to create awesome 3D effects and rendering masterpieces. Meet Turalom aka Pantural, a self taught 3D animation artist from Azerbaijan, a place not familiar to most of the people in the design community. He spends days or even weeks sometimes to get the right 3D rendering done. Once finished, the realism is exceptional and unprecedented. The details, the lighting and the shadows are so perfect, you would be awe-struck just by seeing the screenshots of his designs. Imagine what would happen if you saw one of his videos.

Tural got his first computer when he was 15. Within 12 – 14 days of getting it, he was giving Photoshop lessons to his family and friends. He was very passionate about movies and he filmed his first movie using his father’s camera at the age of 12 and since then he became so interested in movie editing, thanks to Sony Vegas, he transformed into a totally different person. Later on, he learnt about 3DS Max and then worked days and months learning. Whatever he has created is certainly a great achievement.

Read the entire interview with Render.ru here : INTERVIEW

You can also visit his youtube channel here : Pantural

His tools of trade are Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe After Effects, Vray and Adobe Photoshop.

Check out the video he made of Chevrolet Camaro, Jeep, Ford Shelby and VAZ  2107 : Its wicked \m/

Another one with a white Camaro:

Some of his awesome works. Just love the lighting and rendering.

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  1. Escobarous
    February 1, 2010 at 12:31 PM

    His actual name is Tural Seferov not Turalom Seferovum?:)) when u write om or um(in russian) at the end its mean with who for example:)

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