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Sublime photography by Photographer Cole Rise

The beauty of nature is always breath-taking. Some photographers take this inspiration to a new level. Meet Bio Photographer, designer and pilot … Cole Rise. His photographs demonstrate a whole new dimension of life quite artistically. He mostly uses the after effects of the rain to get that sublime quality in his photographs. By looking at his photographs, one can say that he has traveled to a lot of places and has been there with perfect timing. It is such a pleasing to one’s mind to look at such beautiful shots which describe such grandeur. Well, in a nutshell; he lets his pictures do all the talking!

Cole Rise has spent the better half of his life taking pleasure behind the lens; stalking cows and lying in the grass to capture the landscape. His work has been featured in a notable amount of international creative magazines, books, billboards, websites, posters, and even a few CD covers for bands you can find in most music stores. He can’t tell you how big the universe is, or why we’re really here, but his work sometimes flirts with the idea of knowing.

You can visit his Personal Website here : Cole Rise

You can also follow him on twitter here : @colerise

  1. jorge
    June 14, 2010 at 6:56 AM

    can u send me some tutorials…pls.. i beg you

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