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Stunning works of art by German designer, Loïc Sattler

Loïc Sattler is a graphic designer from Germany and has a long history with numerous creative agencies with a wealth of trendy design projects. He is currently crafting creative campaigns as a Senior Art Director in Berlin. He is known to the design world as Lysergid. Since 1999, he has proven his design-skills in web-design, multimedia, print collateral, clothes styling, and corporate identity. He features clients such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes, L’Oreal, Warner Brothers, IBM to name a few.

Loïc was awarded a Masters Degree in New Media Theory in Germany (Stuttgart – 2005). He works with special emphasis on aesthetics, creative ideas and communication goals, with a very high attention to details.

I have featured some of his brilliant designs here. Don’t forget to check out more of his works in his personal page. It is simply awesome. A definite place for inspiration.

You can learn more about this artist and his works here :

Loïc Sattler on Behance

Loïc Sattler on LinkedIn

Loïc Sattler on Twitter

Loïc Sattler on Facebook

Be sure to check his personal website here : Lysergid

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