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20+ Stunning Apple inspired concept designs

November 1, 2009 2 comments


Whenever it comes to flawless design, Apple always has its thumbs up. Right from being the pioneer of modern computers, with the Macintosh; to the leader in the phone industry, with the iPhone; Apple has created wonders of the gadget world, or rather engineering marvels. This has inspired artists to design their own version of Apple products to show their love towards their favorite “Star”. It also happens that Apple are on the verge of releasing the most awaited Tablet, somewhere in the early 2010. A great wave of excitement is sweeping across all Apple fans as they await for the official launch of the Apple Tablet.

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70+ Apple Inspired Desktop Wallpapers

November 1, 2009 1 comment


It’s that time of month again! Time to change your wallpaper to something new and exciting. I have always found that by updating my wallpaper on a monthly (and sometimes weekly) basis, it gives me a sense of being in a new work space thereby motivating me to get my day to day tasks done easier. I have come up with a huge collection of Apple inspired wallpapers for you to choose from to refresh your office space. I hope this will help you to being more productive in your daily life. Enjoy!

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Create the Mac OS X leopard wallpaper

October 14, 2009 2 comments


Whenever Apple comes up with a new product, they also make sure that new dimensions of creativity is also enlightened upon us. It is such a pleasure to design wallpapers relating to Apple products. In this tutorial, we will be doing the Mac OS X (Leopard) campaign wallpaper which was introduced at the WWDC 2007.

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How to create a potrait typography in easy steps

October 4, 2009 1 comment


Typography is not just about choosing a nice font face and how to manipulate it to get, “out of the world” effects, it’s also about how we arrange the types in the layout choosing the right size, weight and type of font to transmit the message in the easiest and more understandable way and as always, in a unique manner. Now, imagine some designers take that to a next step, mixing typography with portraits. There are several such portrait typography images that we can see in advertisements and posters. Now I am going to teach you how to start off doing a typo-portrait in simple steps. Finishing to job requires much more than photoshop skills and techniques. You need to have patience and a quirky imagination. So lets start off.

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Apple inspired Photoshop Tutorials

October 1, 2009 3 comments

Apple 2007wide

Apple is known for its passion to transcend mundane reality and bring about a new dimension in design and performance. Its revolutionary products such as the iPhone and the Macbook have broken the design barrier and has bridged performance and style. If there is one thing that I always adore about Apple is their flair towards constantly surprising us with innovation in style and the cheeky product design.

For years, Apple has had a huge impact on designers and graphic artists across the globe. The simplicity and sharpness of the GUI in Mac OS X strongly influenced the way new products were being presented and designed. It’s not only the design of products that makes Apple’s products different, it’s also their appearance on the Web and in print.

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