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Christmas Megapack : Tutorials, Icons, Wallpapers, Themes

December 6, 2009 9 comments

Christmas is almost around the corner and whats more fun then decorating your website with loads of christmas goodies. In this article, I have collected almost everything that is needed for a delightful christmas. This is a Mega Pack which contains tutorials, icon sets, vectors, wallpapers and so much other awesome goodies 🙂 So, have fun.

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Create a vibrant camera ad in Photshop

November 21, 2009 6 comments

Colors has always been a best friend of a designer. Vibrant colors, mixed with layer styles brings out a new dimension of amazement. I have always been wanting to create an advertisement for a camera. You can seek inspiration from different directions. In this tutorial, I shall guide you through the basics of glow lines and adjustment layers. Once you start experimenting with colors, your interest in digging deep will just escalate to a different level. The vibrant look and a remarkable message it gives out will definitely appear appealing. So, Lets start off creating the Ad.

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Professional Image Enhancing Photoshop Tutorials

November 8, 2009 10 comments


Adobe Photoshop is the premier tool for digital artists when it comes to professionally enhancing images. Whether you’re a beginner just learning the ropes or an advanced user looking for unique techniques to add to your Photoshop arsenal, you’ll find some tutorials here that you’ll surely want to bookmark.

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Inspiration #4 : Abstraction to Reality

October 25, 2009 3 comments


After 10 years working as a graffti artist, Doucin Pierre’s interest in digital techniques was sparked when he tried his and at producing fyers and began winning poster competitions. Pierre’s prior experience in painting and photography has enabled him to develop his digital design style very quickly, and his work focuses on both the movement and fragmentation of subjects. He now works as a freelance graphic designer and is the artistic director of Factory 311 (London).

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Create the Mac OS X leopard wallpaper

October 14, 2009 2 comments


Whenever Apple comes up with a new product, they also make sure that new dimensions of creativity is also enlightened upon us. It is such a pleasure to design wallpapers relating to Apple products. In this tutorial, we will be doing the Mac OS X (Leopard) campaign wallpaper which was introduced at the WWDC 2007.

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Create a Flaming Nike Logo

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment


We have seen several text effects and image manipulations over time. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a promotional Ad for one of the biggest sports giant there is… NIKE. There are quite a good collection of artists aroud the globe who design exemplary posters and ads for these brands (Nike, Adidas, Puma etc.). The least we can do is seek inspiration from their work. Nike has always been a trend setter in the Sports world, manufacturing eye catching sports wear, not to mention the ads they use to promote their brand, has always been a motivational factor for us to buy their merchandise.

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Create an intensely Grunge Psychedelic Poster

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment


In this tutorial, I will show the processes involved in designing and creating this really cool, Geometric Shaped Typography with Grungy Background in Photoshop. This is a simple tutorial yet the effect looks awesome, have a try!
The techniques involved in creating this typo include layer blending, filter effects, image adjustments and custom brushsets. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks to PSD Vault for this awesome tutorial. Here is my version of it 🙂

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