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Awesome sketches from Cataclysm-X


Nicolien Beerens, better known to the design world as Cataclysm-X on deviantART, is a 21 years old self-taught artist from Netherlands. She likes all sort of arts: traditional art, digital art, poetry and writing! I was searching for tutorials on manga illustrations and sketching and i stumbled upon her works. Her drawings are amazing… full of details, personality, beautiful lines and realism. The attention to detail is absolutely staggering.

I am very much honored that i got to speak with her and get some insights on how she draws such magnificent works of art. You can visit her deviant art profile here : Cataclysm-X.

Here is a bit of introduction about her [via abduzeedo]:

My name is Nicolien, a self-taught artist who was born in 1987 and raised in the Netherlands. Ever since I was young I like to create things. Although I’ve tried several styles of art, portraits have always been my favorite subjects to draw. Lately I absolutely love to portray the human face and forms with pencils only and capture that person’s spirit on paper. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone by drawing and observing their facial features. In 2004 I joined DeviantArt where I learned -and still learn- a lot of new techniques to improve my pencil skills. The more experienced I became, the more techniques I developed myself. People got really interested in how I drew certain features of the human face, and so I started to write tutorials about how to draw and help anyone out who likes to get some help with drawing. One thing I’ve learned through the years is that you can achieve anything if you truly believe in yourself and enjoy doing the things that you love to do without hurting anyone else. (: I am grateful for being able to make people smile by showing the things I create.

I hope you will get amazed by her works just the way i was. Be sure to visit her DeviantArt gallery for inspiration(especially for those of you who have a flair for pencil drawings and sketches) and her exto gallery for more images and details about her artwork.











And this is one of my personal favorites. Its Gerard Butler….. and it took me some time to convince myself it was a drawing. It looks majestically real. Great Work…


Check out the details of the above picture:



And finally, this has gotta be my favorite. I am quite sure this looks even more real than the real ‘Hritick Roshan’


Well, that was certainly inspiring…. So, what are you waiting for… take some pencils and start sketching…

  1. Neetesh
    March 19, 2010 at 9:47 AM

    These are great!
    now i feel restart & learn sketching skills…..so inspiring…thanks!

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