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Mystical world of mathematics : Mandlebrot

December 15, 2009 9 comments

If you haven’t heard about the Mandelbrot fractals, you are missing one hell of a wonder which is simply unravelling. As I always quote, deep down in the design world, it is always about equations and numbers. As it happens, these fractals were just a 2 dimensional representation of magical designs until Daniel White and Paul Nylander constructed the 3D Mandelbulb.

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Complexification in design by Jared Tarbell

December 5, 2009 3 comments

They say “True magic comes from mathematics”. The world of design is deeply embedded with equations and curves, which is quite unfathomable to those who don’t respect art. If you really admire art and design, you are bound to see the difference. Meet Jared Tarbell, a computer scientist who simply loves Actionscript and Flash. His works of art are nothing but hundreds of lines of codes written so intricately that the results of those codes are simply amazing. It opens a whole new dimension of imagination and inspires many to fall in love with design. I couldn’t stop but dig deeper into his world of mathematical wonders to understand the true nature of his design.

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Brilliant Geometric sculptures from George Hart

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Who says there is no mathematics in creativity and art. Deep down in the world of design, its all about equations, curves, polygons and everything nice. We have seen such marvelous display of geometric brilliance in the snow crystals. That of course, occurring naturally; but are “we” adept enough to recreate such mathematical masterpieces? Ace sculptor, George Hart shows us “Yes, We Can”.

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