35+ most amazing typography in advertisement and design

December 11, 2009 24 comments

Typography has long been a vital part of promotional material and advertising. Designers often use typography to set a theme and mood in an advertisement; for example using bold, large text to convey a particular message to the reader. Type is often used to draw attention to a particular advertisement, combined with efficient use of color, shapes and images.

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Dead Fly Art : Weird, hilarious but uniquely creative

December 10, 2009 2 comments

What do you usually do after squatting a fly, .. Throw it, .. Bury it? What if you could actually bring life back into those insects? Sounds absurd, huh! …  Simple, creative and artistically funny is what I would call this work of art by Swedish photographer Magnus Muhr. Although Magnus seems to have a very extensive portfolio, I just loved his humorous fly gallery. This particular genre of his works is very impressive and managed to catch my eye so much, that I couldn’t help but mention it in this article and share it to the world!

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Awesome examples of transparent screen + Tutorial

December 9, 2009 7 comments

Move aside SONY, we designers have our own way to make our laptop screens transparent. Well, it is fun and awesome. In this article, I will show some really cool examples of desktop and laptop screens which seem to be “transparent” but it is just a clever manipulation of a photograph. It is a very skilled procedure to make it look exactly real. A little bit of adjustments in the lighting conditions and some contrast values is sure to get the transparent screen up and running. It is also a clever way to fool your friends 🙂

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25 beautiful examples of Night Photography

December 8, 2009 8 comments

Night photography has gained wide spread popularity nowadays due to the advancement in camera technology, especially due to the advent of the SLR cameras. Low light levels make night photography a challenging yet rewarding subject. The best results require specialised equipment, like SLR cameras, tripods, cable releases and flashguns. After sunset, the everyday world is magically transformed, and city buildings, fireworks, thunderstorms and the northern lights all become popular subjects. With the progress of high-speed films, higher-sensitivity digital image sensors, wide-aperture lenses, and the ever-greater power of urban lights, night photography is increasingly possible using available light.

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.net Magazine awards for the best on the web

December 7, 2009 1 comment

Launched in 1994, .net magazine is the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers. They deliver cutting-edge commentary, insightful tutorials, exclusive interviews and expert reviews to millions of web users around the world. Their readers aren’t just web users – they’re out there actively developing and building the next generation of websites and services. The .net Awards celebrated the best in web design and development, and at a glittering event on Thursday night (4th December) in London. This year’s winners were announced!

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Christmas Megapack : Tutorials, Icons, Wallpapers, Themes

December 6, 2009 9 comments

Christmas is almost around the corner and whats more fun then decorating your website with loads of christmas goodies. In this article, I have collected almost everything that is needed for a delightful christmas. This is a Mega Pack which contains tutorials, icon sets, vectors, wallpapers and so much other awesome goodies 🙂 So, have fun.

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25 examples of High Speed Photography

December 6, 2009 17 comments

High speed photography is the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena, usually at a very high rate of more than 5000 frames/second. All you need is a digital camera (with a reasonably high fps rate capability), some fast-moving subject (like a bee, or a bullet 🙂 ), and a bit of knowledge about how to take the best pictures of moving subjects will allow you capture some of the most interesting photographs you’ve ever seen. Although some blurring can be effective in communicating a sense of high-speed motion, some photographers want the subject to be frozen in time to get some pretty special photographic effects.

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